Wednesday, June 7

Remove the fence

I have sat in this exact place hundreds of times over the last 5 years. But this is the first time I have truly been able to enjoy the view.

My daughter Kennedy just turned 5 and over the last few months has become quite the little fish. Even though our pool is screened in to keep the bugs and strangers out, we also always had a fence around the pool for added safety.

My husband pressure washed the patio this past weekend and hasn’t put the gate back up. Typically when she swims my view is blocked by a screen gate. Opened in one spot to allow her in but never allowing me a truly clear view.

Anyways it has me thinking, what safety nets, or safety gates, or safety walls do we have built up around ourselves that stops us from seeing the true value or beauty or reality of a situation. Sometimes were so scared of what could happen or what might happen that we ultimately miss how beautiful something could be if we just let down our guard.

Can you imagine how big your world could be if you would just take down the gates that are keeping you “safe”?

Some safety nets are of course needed, if we would have taken this gate down just a year ago there is a definite possibility that if she fell in she wouldn’t have been able to get herself out.

But if were using this entire situation as a giant ass metaphor for life how do we know when the right time is? The truth is we don’t… at least not in all situations and circumstances, but all we can do is prepare ourselves for what could happen and hope that everything will turn out all right.

Xo- Savannah

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