Friday, December 1

Hello From Wine County or… The Finger Lakes

Okay upstate New York has officially stolen a piece of my heart! I recently took a (much needed) mini vacay to visit a few girlfriends who both moved to the Rochester NY area. What a glorious change in weather from the hot Florida heat. With a cool 75 degrees on most days and 68 degree evenings I was in HEAVEN!

We stayed in the most interesting cabin in between Bristol Springs and Woodville. While the view was supreme the decor was well… interesting. I will just say the owners were avid game hunters who have traveled all over the world.

Day one in wine country, we took the most glorious hike at Grimes Glen. It had been raining most the day so the water and current were flowing heavily. While it is a very easy hike even with the raised waters I was thankful I brought water shoes along. Because of our tight schedule we only made it to the first waterfall but it was more than I could have ever imagined!

Day 2 we were ready to get the real party started! It was my besties birthday and we were hitting wine country. I personally had no idea New York had such a large collection of wineries… who knew! Probably everyone but me… but it’s fine!

We started off at the most adorable spot called Keuka Lake Vineyards. The view is picturesque and is one of the main reasons why she chose it. The staff was so kind, the wine was delicious and view was spectacular.

Next we stopped off at Domaine LeSeuree Winery. Hands down my favorite. We were greeted by the nicest gentleman named Todd. He told us all about the owners, Céline & Sébastien, the recent upgrades they made to the facility and how he personally completed that intricate wall behind us. We each got to chose 5 wines to taste. He then walked us though their barrel room which was one of the coolest experiences, they host various events in that space and if you’re in the are is a must do!

Afterwards, we gathered on their newly built patio and enjoyed a small charcuterie plate and another bottle of wine. I am all about chill and this was glorious! We left with wine, snacks and a nifty little wine corker.

Our last stop was at Ravines Wine Cellars. As you can imagine by the time we made it here we were well into the wine and feeling fine! Britten made sandwiches so we all stuffed our faces along the way. When we arrived we were greeted by our server, he was AMAZING! I chose the flight called Agricolāe, which featured 4 whites and 1 red. I learned on this trip that there are two types of Chardonnays, oak barrel and steel barrel. I have always disliked Chardonnay, I’m not really sure why people always choose it for weddings… in my opinion it always taste like crap (sorry not sorry). But I tried a few different steel barrel chardonnays and discovered that I enjoy those! So there’s that.

This spot of course had a fantastic view as well, the field in front of it adorned the most glorious yellow flowers which we discovered were actually just weeds. Call them what you will… they were beautiful!

Overall I give New York Wine Country and 10/10! If you have any specific questions please feel free to comments below and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.


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