Thursday, October 5

Cinnamon Waffle Donuts

The weekend is here and like every morning I am scrambling, trying to decide what to make for breakfast. The husband suggested donuts… that would require I leave the house. And truth… I’m not trying to put a bra on today.

Then I remembered I had cinnamon rolls in the fridge. So I decided that I would be making cinnamon waffle donuts! What are they? Not a clue! Totally made it up. 😉

Let’s get to it!

You will need;

1. 1 can cinnamon rolls

2. Non-stick cooking spray

3. Sprinkles

4. Assorted berries

5. Waffle Maker



Preheat your waffle maker

Spray with non-stick spray

Place one cinnamon roll per waffle square and press down.

Let cook

Remove from waffle maker once cooked, top with frosting and decorate!

Repeat and devour!


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