Friday, December 1

Hemlock Straw Hats

Y’all I LOVE unique finds and I’m for sure a Facebook Ads dream. If it looks cool, I’m clicking haha!

I came across an ad for Hemlock Hat Co. A few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with their unique, colorful designs.

When I think back to my childhood in Southern California, my dad was always in a straw hat. Whether we were hanging out by the pool or hiking one of the local hills, if it was sunny, he was wearing it. So of course when I came across one that I loved, I had to have it!

At a cool $34.00 these babies are a steal!

It’s perfect on the boat!

A few of my favorite designs

Hi Tide | Click to Shop
Nomad | Click to Shop
Jungle Dream | Click to Shop
Reel | Click to Shop

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