Friday, December 1

Unique Finds: Mapiful

If you know me IRL, you know I love unique finds. Whether it’s a gift, a snack or a fun new place to visit or shop I love them all. Recently I discovered this company called Mapiful.

According to their website they’re on a mission to bring joy to everyone’s homes through endlessly customizable wall art. They do this with classic maps, star maps and zodiac maps.

You can pinpoint where you and your spouse met. Or where you or you children were born. You can pinpoint anywhere that is special to you. I chose, home.

Home to us is Bradenton Fl. And while I love where we live I didn’t want to spell it out completely, so instead I chose to use the word home. They have soo many designs, color schemes and frames to chose from.

I personally opted out of a frame and instead ordered my own from Amazon.

Overall… we love it!

Check out more on their website at

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