Wednesday, June 7

A Farm Experience

There’s something about the idea of living on a farm that gives me the warm and fuzzies. But the truth is… I could never. I have no clue how to take care of farm animals. Cold hard truth… I can barely take care of my kids and myself.

So when we got invited to the Farm Experience for a friends birthday we were excited.

To start the Farm Experience is a local gem owned by husband and wife team Kelley and Nick in Palmetto Florida. From the moment you arrive you can tell these animals are loved!

We rode horses, cuddled with the most beautiful cow, fed goats and even held chickens.

Every Farm Experience is completely customizable. You can milk a cow by hand or even use a milk machine! You can cuddle with the sweetest cow, hug or ride a horse, you can check the chicken coop for eggs or play with goats. Y’all there are a ton of things to do on this farm!

Check them out at for full details!


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