Friday, December 1

Sunflower Picking

There’s something about a sunflower that can instantly brighten someone’s day. Insert an entire field and you’ve got pure bliss! I am loving the fact that so many local business are rolling with whatever quarantine is throwing at them rather than rolling over and folding.

When Hunsaders Farms announced that they were opening their sunflower fields to the public (safely and in full compliance of social distancing of course) I knew I just had to go!

So once Ryann finished her last Zoom call for the day, we were off! The first thing we saw when we arrived, besides the sunflowers of course were BUFFALO! Y’all, they had buffalo roaming in a field right behind the sunflowers. How awesome is that!?

They have slides made of farm tubing built into the hill that Levi and Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed. And while Ryann tried to avoid all the bees, she searched for the perfect Flower to take home.

Interesting sunflower fact, juvenile sunflowers follow the sun. Once a sunflower matures it stops following the sun and faces the East.

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