Friday, December 1

Rye Preserve

School is out and so is all structure for the foreseeable future. Today we were invited by a few friends to explore a place we have never visited, a hidden treasure in our own Florida backyard. The Rye Preserve.

Located right off of Rye Road in Manatee County it is about 15 minutes off the interstate with easy access.

Upon our arrival I was instantly taken back by the lush trail. We followed the Red Trail back for about a 4 minute walk. To the right it starts to open up and with a slight climb down you enter the motherland! I was immediately transported to a West Virginia mountain creek in my mind.

Kennedy loved splashing in the water and Levi loved catching the tadpoles. The creek itself has tons to explore. You can chose to go up stream, or if you go down stream it opens up to a swimming hole. Overall Rye Preserve is amazing and we will definitely be back!

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